Why Silk Global

About SilkGlobal Coin
SilkGlobal Coin introduces a new innovative business model which allows investors to capitalise on the rise of the blockchain technology and generate risk adjusted returns on array of diverse cryptocurrencies and derivative instruments.

SilkGlobal Coin makes it easier for the investors to invest in the blockchain technology without dealing with the risks, technical barriers, transferring, owning and trading different cryptocurrencies on their own. SilkGlobal Coin is open for investments only during the different rounds of ICOs. SilkGlobal Coin is a closed-end fund built using smart contracts that uses Machine Learning, Technical Analysis and Big Data to invest and trade in the blockchain technology and gives full transparency to the investors.

SilkGlobal Coin issues tokens built on a profit-sharing smart contract. A smart contract allows token owners to collect 80% of quarterly profits.

Depending on the investors demand, SilkGlobal Coin plans to raise additional capital as and when it feels necessary that it will be beneficial to increase market liquidity and market dominance.

SilkGlobal Coin allows Net Asset Value of a token to increase over time depending on the performance of the fund. In its essence, SilkGlobal Coin eliminates barriers to entry and allows investors to subscribe to the fund’s income flow.

We are in the process of building a portfolio monitoring tool that allows investors to easily check the trading history and validate the portfolio performance in real time.

Our vision is to deliver risk adjusted returns on both upside and downside in the market using innovative technology and groundbreaking strategy.

About Us
Silk Global was founded by experienced traders from top tier banks and fund houses. Integrity, transparency and competitiveness are at the core of our company.

Silk Global is a multi-service investment firm, founded by a group of professionals with a vast breadth of experience in financial markets across multiple asset classes from both the sell side and buy side. The functional skills brought by these professionals include sales, trading, operations, legal and compliance.

The mission of Silk Global is to provide professional service, high quality trade execution and transparency to aid its customers in adding value to their personal portfolios and creating wealth over the long term.

Our sustainable business model relies on the success and longevity of our clients. We provide the perfect instrument for our clientele to express their trading ideas through various products. These product offerings are available through various market leading platforms.

Silk Global's primary belief is that the derivative market is not just for professional investors, traders or institutions; rather that it should be accessible to everybody. It has been Silk Global's mission to both educate and guide individual investors while providing an unparalleled asset accumulating platform which all can partake.

SilkGlobal Coin is a registered trading name of Silk Global Ventures Corporation.