Marketing & Technologies

We have built a proprietary marketing system that is particularly targeted at cyrptocurrency sales and distribution.
Simply just concentrate on what you do best - selling.
The system do not take a cut from any transactions.

Added Value

Our system is accessible everywhere and mobile friendly. Available 24x7 and secured.<
SilkGlobal allows sales of any size to use our system. This give you to the same tools as the big sales organisation or system.
At regular interval, we will broadcast bonus programs or time-limited perks to help you attract more customers.
When you participate in one of our scheme or start your own, you will see your commissions grow while you build your sales downline.
SilkGlobal allows you to even participate in multiple schemes and build your network based on different product or geo-location.
One of SilkGlobal's strength is in social media marketing. If you have your own product, let us show you how far your reach can go with our program

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